Tuesday, 15 May 2012

♥ Its A Wrap ♥

Nail wraps! 

When these first came out I was thinking Hmm well that will never work, But admittedly I was wrong" I recently bought my first pack and loved the nails that actually worked but was disappointed with the ones which were not so successful!  =[
Getting these wraps on takes practice and needs patients! But once you get it, you'll be so proud of yourself and Very pleased with your pattered claws ;)

I suggest buy two or three packs of the same pattern for our first attempt! But after you master it go crazy! I can't wait to buy more colours and see how they turn out! 

I bought my first pack from Ebay just for the fact of thinking I'd be disappointed with the product so looked for the cheapest option which was good thinking, because now I will go back on and Buy LOTS more =] 

Have fun trying these out! Don't get too frustrated ;)