Wednesday, 2 November 2016

❤ Lip Fillers are Filling my eyes with Tears! ❤

Arh this is a New One!

I'm considering/ I really really want my lips done! However....


I wouldn't encourage surgery for trends but since everybody is getting it done and it seems as safe as ever-ish... I think... then why not sort my uneven thin lips out!

When in Doubt, make a killer Pout.

I guess only time will tell if I can actually manage to go through with this self inflicted torture! But I'll keep you posted if I do or even have a funny story for chickening out!

❤ Rude not to be Nude ❤

I have not blogged in a very long time! 4 years to be exact! Its great to come back and see a crazy amount of posts! BUT how have i missed so much!!! We are in a society of Nudes! and I've said 0! So lets get busy!!

Nude lips are freekin beautiful! Not to mention this girls teeth whoever she may be!

Glossy, matte they're all just such soft naturally enhancing colours! You will never meet anybody who does not suit a shade of nude! Its great that we're actually going to a natural-ish look!

Right, so lets talk about favourites!


Charlotte Tilbury! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

I am fully in love with Charlotte Tilbury nudes! Also the brand has a pretty great name ;) Their range is fantastic and the names of the products will keep you entertained for days!

I use the lip liner shade 'ICONIC NUDE' and the lipstick colour 'PENELOPE PINK'.  

The Charlotte Tilbury products are a little on 
the pricey side but they're worth it! The colours, ingredients, the finish, the time they last! (life wise and wearing wise).

Couldn't recommend these more!!!

Also the colour  'BITCH PERFECT'  is to die for & I had to buy it with that name! And funny enough I found
it in my mums makeup bag!! I wonder if she knows she's bitch perfect just like her daughter ;) and I also wonder when she'll find out its missing ha! sorry not sorry :P

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

♥ Its A Wrap ♥

Nail wraps! 

When these first came out I was thinking Hmm well that will never work, But admittedly I was wrong" I recently bought my first pack and loved the nails that actually worked but was disappointed with the ones which were not so successful!  =[
Getting these wraps on takes practice and needs patients! But once you get it, you'll be so proud of yourself and Very pleased with your pattered claws ;)

I suggest buy two or three packs of the same pattern for our first attempt! But after you master it go crazy! I can't wait to buy more colours and see how they turn out! 

I bought my first pack from Ebay just for the fact of thinking I'd be disappointed with the product so looked for the cheapest option which was good thinking, because now I will go back on and Buy LOTS more =] 

Have fun trying these out! Don't get too frustrated ;) 


Monday, 26 March 2012

♥ Foundation Routine ♥  

Most common of all #GirlProblems - FOUNDATION! Foundation is the enemy, yet we love it and can't live without it. So we all have to learn to deal with it and work out a routine that works best for us, which sadly takes YEARS to master, plus our skin changes, PLUS weather effects us too! we just cant win!

I'm going to share my current routine in the hope it may help at least somebody. But remember everybody's skin is different so what works for me may not work for you.

To Begin I wipe off any excess make up that may still be on my skin. You should always take everything off before bed but some nights it just doesn't happen, we're all human. I use simple wipes which are amazing. I have very sensitive skin and all make up removers that have strong ingredients like most eye make up removers in bottles irritate me! Its not pretty. plus using non chemical make up and skin care will prolong ageing ;)

Unless your skin is airbrush perfect you will need to polish your face with the most vital pieces of skin care you will ever own! If you haven't got these products,GET THEM!
1. An exfoliating face cream
2. A cleanser
4. face moisturiser (not body)
These products eliminate any flaky skin and any dry patches on the face plus give you the perfect base for foundation to sit on an even skin surface. I use bodyshop products as they have worked best for me over the years.If you go into a store they will consult you on which range will be best for your skin type.

Use a primer! I only recently saw the importance of using a skin primer under my foundation. I'd never used one before and saw an amazing difference. Foundation sits better on top of a primed face! Your skin will have a much better Matte finish! Primer hides pours, so you will look 100% airbrushed and feel fab! I again use a bodyshop primer but since its my first I can't say its the best I've ever used. I'll try a few out and let you know in time.

After years and years of buying foundations, nothing has ever compared to Ese Lauder Double wear foundation. Its easy to apply and spread. Its full coverage but its not too thick. It doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest, frankly its just perfect! I just use my fingers to apply all over my face, Using a brush is just too much hassle; you have to wash it out every week and it gets lots of bacteria etc. Just make sure your hands are clean and fingers work fine. 
If you have any spots you want to hide or any discolouration on your face, Estée Lauder also do a Concealer which is just as great as the foundation. But generally the foundation is highly full coverage you shouldn't need any extra help. 

Finally, When my foundation is dry I like to set it in place for the day. I Use a pressed face powder from bodyshop (again) and I lightly apply a thin layer all over my face, working in small circular motions with a fluffy bronzer brush. 

 I'll Do a YouTube video of the routine soon and buy some new products to experiment with =] x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

♥Hide Your Roots♥

I have bleach blonde highlighted hair which is a nightmare when my hair grows! Unfortunately it's nature and nature can't be stopped =[ So over the years I've come up with some tips and tricks to hide roots.

Lightening spray

I love John Frieda lightening spray is truly works. It will lighten up any roots to blend in with your dyed or highlighted hair. Of course this is not a miracle spray it wont magically match up the colour of your dye and make your hair instantly the same colour. It does take a few applications before it gets gets very light, but in the mean time it does lighten your hair to blend a lot better and looks more natural than black roots and white hair!
I've been using this product sine I last had my hair highlighted 9 months ago now! Its been such a money saver, Especially at the moment only being £3.48 in Superdrug! Its a fab fix between salon visits.

Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo! Its an instant fix to hiding your roots! lots of people tell me they don't like dry shampoo and I think its because they use it wrong or their hair is just too dark for it. The first time I used it I made a complete mess! I sprayed too close to my roots and then couldn't work the product into my hair, I looked like somebody had poured flour over my head! it does take some time and practice to get it right. 
Dry shampoo also give you volume, which is another great way to hide roots.
I've found that for blonde hair and bad roots, the best dry shampoo is Batiste 'light and blonde'. unlike other dry shampoos it does not spray on a white powdery consistency, instead a golden light blonde colour to better disguise those awful roots. Like all of these products it still needs some getting used to but once you've mastered it, you wont be worrying about your roots any more. The only downside to these products is applying them wrong or having the wrong hair for them. If you have black hair I doubt you'll ever be able to work it in enough to hide the light powdery colour. If you spray too close you'll also not be able to work it in enough to evenly distribute it through your hair, it'll look a complete grey mess, be warned. Read the instructions carefully! they're there for a reason! 

Baby powder

This is no joke! Baby Powder works great in the right colour hair! Unfortunately that's only for us bleach and platinum blondes. It works quite like a dry shampoo but its a lot cheaper to buy. All you need to do is put a small amount on your roots and work into your hair so you no longer see powder on your scalp. Be careful not to put too much on, you will look like you have grey roots! Again its about trying it out a few times and seeing what works best for you and your hair. 
Warning; Any kind of powder in your hair will make it dry, so be sure to wash it out properly and use lots of conditioner to moisten your hair after. 
Also its a kind of messy method, so maybe do it over the bath tub if you don't want to make it look like its been snowing in your bedroom/bathroom. =]

Volume Volume Volume

I originally tried got2be Powder'ful by Schwartzkopf on new years for some extra volume. To my amazement I also found its a great little root hider too! It instantly lifts your hair so all your fabulous blonde is on top and all your roots are hidden underneath.  
I can't quite describe how this product feels, its a complete mystery, it seems to look like a powder but feel like some kind of thicker semi liquidy gel type once its in your hair.  Like I said, its near impossible to explain, it has to be tried!
Plus Side for Everybody- It leaves no trace of white or grey powder in your hair! So if you're blonde, brunette, redhead etc it will work for you!

Back-combing hair

One of The oldest methods which everyone will no is back-combing! Every hair colour can do it and its very east to master. Unfortunately its also the most hair damaging.  But to minimise breakage of you hair do not try to brush the back-combed hair out hen your hair is dry, jump in the shower and put lots of conditioner on then gently brush through.  Do NOT sleep with your hair still back-combed; you'll just have more trouble brushing it out and more hair damage. 
Another huge NO-NO is filling your hair with hairspray and then back-combing the sticky roots..NOOOOOOOOOO, it makes me cringe when I see girls doing this in the mirror of ladies toilets! 
That is MAJOR instant damage, and then because their hair is so damaged and thinning they do it more to hide that they are losing so much hair! its a viscous cycle.
As long as you don't over back-comb, don't do it everyday and use plenty of conditioner and are gentle getting it out you should be fine and have minimal damage. 

♥ Cheap Eyelashes ♥

2True Lashes

So I went to SuperDrug today in search of what I thought was too good to be true. Last week I'd seen on their website that they do false lashes for £1.99.. And identical to the £5+ Eylure lashes id normally buy. So of course I had to check it out.... And they do! The brand is called '2true' the lashes them self are great but you have to observe them carefully in the box as I did see a few faulty pairs with splits etc.
However the glue provided is pretty awful but I didn't even expect glue to be provided for £1.99 do I'm still over the moon. I'm a regular false lash user and having bought so many pairs over the years I have a huge collection of adhesive glue! So the glue in the '2true' box being so-so wasn't a problem in the slightest! I used my eylure glue from a previous box and they went on a perfectly!

Its now been day later, I wanted to wait to post this just in case I had any problems with taking them off, or if they would be ruined for whatever reason after one use.
But Luckily I don't so the raving review stands and I second telling you to go buy a pair NOW!!!
The Lashes have kept their shape and are 100% reusable! I will be wearing them again today :) Also they hold their shape if you pull off any excess glue which has seemed to ruin many pairs of mine in the past!
The only possible downside to these lashes is that there are not enough different styles and shapes.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

♥Favourite Hair Products For Blondes♥

I've just finished blow drying my hair and it feels so lovely! I have bragging rights because of the amount of money I spend keeping my hair in good condition =]

Being blonde is EXPENSIVE!!! So I'll tell you a few sneaky ways to hide roots and prolong the need for highlights! But first off I'd like to share a few products which keep my hair healthy and fresh.

I love everything John Frieda, their blonde collection is amazing and works wonders on my hair... True it's on the pricey side but it's definitely worth it! Highly recommended!

Shampoo & conditioner

Sheer blonde go blonder shampoo and conditioner is heaven to my hair. It always adds shine and Brightens up my colour dramatically. After I've used this I always get compliments. It's officially my favourite combination of shampoo. And conditioner. However if you use it everyday your hair will get used to it, like any other brand and the full effects will not be as beneficial. So always vary your brand to get the greatest out of any shampoos and conditioners. If you have coloured hair try to use a conditioner for damaged and colour treated hair for extra softness.

Another shampoo/conditioner I love, also from John Frieda, is Sheer blonde tone refreshing! It's purple which contracts any brassy tones which us blondes will always suffer with. Only use this product once a week at the most.. Warning: don't over use this product.. I found my more damaged ends turn a soft purpley colour when I used it multiple days in a week. But the refreshed brightness this product brings outweighs any down-points!

Lightening spray!

This product from John Frieda is a miracle! It's called sheer blonde, go blonder lightening spray.
I had my hair highlighted in June of 2011... It's now March 2012, I've been using this product since my roots started coming through and since, I haven't needed highlights! It's saved me so much money! I'd normally have had my hair highlighted at least twice in-between that time; Which would have cost me £400!
The lightening spray is 6.99!!!!!! I've only needed two bottles in 9 months. Wow right!?!?!?
It may take a little bit of time to spray in and blow-dry but I outweigh that by thinking of the endless hours sitting in a salon! Trust me if you're blonde you NEED this product. =]

More John Frieda ....

Leave in conditioner

Sheer blonde leave in conditioner is a must if you're using hot tools on your hair as It also is a heat protectant spray. I use this product every time I blow dry my hair and each time it feels so soft and well conditioned. It's a perfect accompaniment to the rest of the John Frieda range. Also putting this product on and letting your hair dry naturally works as a leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner. It absorbs and drys straight into your hair Instead of being dried off with a hair dryer.

Amlika leave in conditioner

When I first bought this leave in conditioner from BODYSHOP I thought it was over priced. At £5 for a tiny bottle I was almost not going to perchance it, except, I'd heard such great reviews I had to give it a try. Im do glad I did its lasted over a year and it's fab on hair. I've never felt such a silky difference. When I first bought this product the ends of my hair were in a dry frizzy bad condition, Amilka instantly softened my hair after the first use. I've continued to use over this year and my hair is now in great condition, I even surprise my hairdresser. It's worth a try to see what you think. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Deep Conditioning

Aussie 3 minute miracle really is a miracle. It's an Intense condition from root to tip and it leaves your hair smooth its even impossible to backcomb, do if your looking to work your hair in bouncy and big styles do not use this product. It makes my hair so smooth its pretty much only good for straightening after.. If anything it over does its job. But I'm not complaining, it's a fantastic product for damaged hair.
You should always use a deep conditioning treatment the week leading to having your hair coloured and let as much natural oil into your hair as possible. This means not washing too often! Your hair will take to the colour quicker as its not dry which leaves less chemical contact with your hair and scalp. =]