Wednesday, 2 November 2016

❤ Rude not to be Nude ❤

I have not blogged in a very long time! 4 years to be exact! Its great to come back and see a crazy amount of posts! BUT how have i missed so much!!! We are in a society of Nudes! and I've said 0! So lets get busy!!

Nude lips are freekin beautiful! Not to mention this girls teeth whoever she may be!

Glossy, matte they're all just such soft naturally enhancing colours! You will never meet anybody who does not suit a shade of nude! Its great that we're actually going to a natural-ish look!

Right, so lets talk about favourites!


Charlotte Tilbury! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

I am fully in love with Charlotte Tilbury nudes! Also the brand has a pretty great name ;) Their range is fantastic and the names of the products will keep you entertained for days!

I use the lip liner shade 'ICONIC NUDE' and the lipstick colour 'PENELOPE PINK'.  

The Charlotte Tilbury products are a little on 
the pricey side but they're worth it! The colours, ingredients, the finish, the time they last! (life wise and wearing wise).

Couldn't recommend these more!!!

Also the colour  'BITCH PERFECT'  is to die for & I had to buy it with that name! And funny enough I found
it in my mums makeup bag!! I wonder if she knows she's bitch perfect just like her daughter ;) and I also wonder when she'll find out its missing ha! sorry not sorry :P

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