Saturday, 17 March 2012

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2True Lashes

So I went to SuperDrug today in search of what I thought was too good to be true. Last week I'd seen on their website that they do false lashes for £1.99.. And identical to the £5+ Eylure lashes id normally buy. So of course I had to check it out.... And they do! The brand is called '2true' the lashes them self are great but you have to observe them carefully in the box as I did see a few faulty pairs with splits etc.
However the glue provided is pretty awful but I didn't even expect glue to be provided for £1.99 do I'm still over the moon. I'm a regular false lash user and having bought so many pairs over the years I have a huge collection of adhesive glue! So the glue in the '2true' box being so-so wasn't a problem in the slightest! I used my eylure glue from a previous box and they went on a perfectly!

Its now been day later, I wanted to wait to post this just in case I had any problems with taking them off, or if they would be ruined for whatever reason after one use.
But Luckily I don't so the raving review stands and I second telling you to go buy a pair NOW!!!
The Lashes have kept their shape and are 100% reusable! I will be wearing them again today :) Also they hold their shape if you pull off any excess glue which has seemed to ruin many pairs of mine in the past!
The only possible downside to these lashes is that there are not enough different styles and shapes.

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