Thursday, 15 March 2012

♥Favourite Hair Products For Blondes♥

I've just finished blow drying my hair and it feels so lovely! I have bragging rights because of the amount of money I spend keeping my hair in good condition =]

Being blonde is EXPENSIVE!!! So I'll tell you a few sneaky ways to hide roots and prolong the need for highlights! But first off I'd like to share a few products which keep my hair healthy and fresh.

I love everything John Frieda, their blonde collection is amazing and works wonders on my hair... True it's on the pricey side but it's definitely worth it! Highly recommended!

Shampoo & conditioner

Sheer blonde go blonder shampoo and conditioner is heaven to my hair. It always adds shine and Brightens up my colour dramatically. After I've used this I always get compliments. It's officially my favourite combination of shampoo. And conditioner. However if you use it everyday your hair will get used to it, like any other brand and the full effects will not be as beneficial. So always vary your brand to get the greatest out of any shampoos and conditioners. If you have coloured hair try to use a conditioner for damaged and colour treated hair for extra softness.

Another shampoo/conditioner I love, also from John Frieda, is Sheer blonde tone refreshing! It's purple which contracts any brassy tones which us blondes will always suffer with. Only use this product once a week at the most.. Warning: don't over use this product.. I found my more damaged ends turn a soft purpley colour when I used it multiple days in a week. But the refreshed brightness this product brings outweighs any down-points!

Lightening spray!

This product from John Frieda is a miracle! It's called sheer blonde, go blonder lightening spray.
I had my hair highlighted in June of 2011... It's now March 2012, I've been using this product since my roots started coming through and since, I haven't needed highlights! It's saved me so much money! I'd normally have had my hair highlighted at least twice in-between that time; Which would have cost me £400!
The lightening spray is 6.99!!!!!! I've only needed two bottles in 9 months. Wow right!?!?!?
It may take a little bit of time to spray in and blow-dry but I outweigh that by thinking of the endless hours sitting in a salon! Trust me if you're blonde you NEED this product. =]

More John Frieda ....

Leave in conditioner

Sheer blonde leave in conditioner is a must if you're using hot tools on your hair as It also is a heat protectant spray. I use this product every time I blow dry my hair and each time it feels so soft and well conditioned. It's a perfect accompaniment to the rest of the John Frieda range. Also putting this product on and letting your hair dry naturally works as a leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner. It absorbs and drys straight into your hair Instead of being dried off with a hair dryer.

Amlika leave in conditioner

When I first bought this leave in conditioner from BODYSHOP I thought it was over priced. At £5 for a tiny bottle I was almost not going to perchance it, except, I'd heard such great reviews I had to give it a try. Im do glad I did its lasted over a year and it's fab on hair. I've never felt such a silky difference. When I first bought this product the ends of my hair were in a dry frizzy bad condition, Amilka instantly softened my hair after the first use. I've continued to use over this year and my hair is now in great condition, I even surprise my hairdresser. It's worth a try to see what you think. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Deep Conditioning

Aussie 3 minute miracle really is a miracle. It's an Intense condition from root to tip and it leaves your hair smooth its even impossible to backcomb, do if your looking to work your hair in bouncy and big styles do not use this product. It makes my hair so smooth its pretty much only good for straightening after.. If anything it over does its job. But I'm not complaining, it's a fantastic product for damaged hair.
You should always use a deep conditioning treatment the week leading to having your hair coloured and let as much natural oil into your hair as possible. This means not washing too often! Your hair will take to the colour quicker as its not dry which leaves less chemical contact with your hair and scalp. =]

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