Monday, 26 March 2012

♥ Foundation Routine ♥  

Most common of all #GirlProblems - FOUNDATION! Foundation is the enemy, yet we love it and can't live without it. So we all have to learn to deal with it and work out a routine that works best for us, which sadly takes YEARS to master, plus our skin changes, PLUS weather effects us too! we just cant win!

I'm going to share my current routine in the hope it may help at least somebody. But remember everybody's skin is different so what works for me may not work for you.

To Begin I wipe off any excess make up that may still be on my skin. You should always take everything off before bed but some nights it just doesn't happen, we're all human. I use simple wipes which are amazing. I have very sensitive skin and all make up removers that have strong ingredients like most eye make up removers in bottles irritate me! Its not pretty. plus using non chemical make up and skin care will prolong ageing ;)

Unless your skin is airbrush perfect you will need to polish your face with the most vital pieces of skin care you will ever own! If you haven't got these products,GET THEM!
1. An exfoliating face cream
2. A cleanser
4. face moisturiser (not body)
These products eliminate any flaky skin and any dry patches on the face plus give you the perfect base for foundation to sit on an even skin surface. I use bodyshop products as they have worked best for me over the years.If you go into a store they will consult you on which range will be best for your skin type.

Use a primer! I only recently saw the importance of using a skin primer under my foundation. I'd never used one before and saw an amazing difference. Foundation sits better on top of a primed face! Your skin will have a much better Matte finish! Primer hides pours, so you will look 100% airbrushed and feel fab! I again use a bodyshop primer but since its my first I can't say its the best I've ever used. I'll try a few out and let you know in time.

After years and years of buying foundations, nothing has ever compared to Ese Lauder Double wear foundation. Its easy to apply and spread. Its full coverage but its not too thick. It doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest, frankly its just perfect! I just use my fingers to apply all over my face, Using a brush is just too much hassle; you have to wash it out every week and it gets lots of bacteria etc. Just make sure your hands are clean and fingers work fine. 
If you have any spots you want to hide or any discolouration on your face, Estée Lauder also do a Concealer which is just as great as the foundation. But generally the foundation is highly full coverage you shouldn't need any extra help. 

Finally, When my foundation is dry I like to set it in place for the day. I Use a pressed face powder from bodyshop (again) and I lightly apply a thin layer all over my face, working in small circular motions with a fluffy bronzer brush. 

 I'll Do a YouTube video of the routine soon and buy some new products to experiment with =] x

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