Thursday, 15 March 2012

 ♥ St Patrick's Days Nails ♥

Indulge in Glitter! This weekend is St Patrick's Day! Which means its an excuse to go out at midday and get drunk and wear 100% green and not get told you look like a fool! So, a recipe for a great weekend. 

Today I was looking through my wardrobe for green nail varnish to match my outfit and found it dried up and 90% hard! Well I wasn't about to go out and buy another! So I decided to restore it instead! I'll tell you how and show you in a video in another blog and on YouTube.. but for now this is about getting gorgeous glittery nails.

To get this look you are going to need; 
Green nail varnish.. preferably very bright
A Clear / top coat varnish
Some kind of fine glitter (mine was from hobby craft) 
And paper for excess glitter

Its an extremely simple and quick look to do,  you can also substitute the green for any colour or occasion, e.g valentines you can use pink or red etc etc... 

Give it a go yourself and have fun =] x

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