Wednesday, 14 March 2012

♥ Favourite beauty products - March 2012-so far ♥ 

JOHN FRIEDA - full repair!!!

Absolutely amazed by this new product! As a very light blonde with thin; fine hair I struggle finding products to control and truly moisturise and care for my hair. UNTIL NOW... I bought the full collection, from Cleansing to Treating to styling. My hair looks and feels amazing! ill post a before and after shot soon to show you the difference this stuff actually makes! .. highly recommended =]

BARRY M Nail varnish

I'm sure everybody has tried Barry M and loved the colour range! Today I bought i bright vibrant green like the one in the photo as St Patrick's day is coming up and ill be out celebrating (drinking) and dressed in full green to show the spirit :D.....
Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) video will be posted to my YouTube channel =]
As much as i love Barry M nail varnish i do find it peels off relatively easily but with an expensive top coat of OPI or other top quality brands it stays on just fine.


This is and all year round favourite of mine! but especially as summer is approaching and the weather is getting warmer, soon you'll want to show a bit of skin. Why not be healthy and tanned before the sun has even begun to shine.

I bought a can of St Tropez spray tan today from boots as mine has run out, its £20.49. which is pretty price considering the first time i bought this I got a whole tannign set of 4 products for £30 but I was desperate for a glow this weekend. If you are looking for the cheaper option try; ...If you want the perfect colour I suggest also buying the tan optimiser shower crème. it works a treat at keeping the tan even and your skin moisturised.

MAX FACTOR Colour Effect Flipstick
This is a new product that id never seen or head of before so I thought id give it a try.. ill do a full review on my YouTube channel.. but I have to say its not my favourite product for obvious reasons. you are meant to put one colour over the other to highlight your bottom lip or create different effects. as you can imagine the colours mix after talking for a few minutes, you cant rub your lips together and the colours on the lipsticks get messy like a felt-tip pen would if you draw over a different colour.
However the colours on their own are fab! and when you first put it on with the effects of them both it does looks pretty funky! I bought colours in shades; Bloomy pink, Salsa red and Boreal Mauve

I'll keep trying effects and techniques with this product and ill let you know how I get on.

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